Our Mission

Our goals are to acquaint members with the services and products offered by each member of the Club, to promote the exchange of business and business information between members.  Additionally, we encourage non-members to trade with members of the club through qualified referrals.

All of this being done with a focus on pride, integrity, and promoting a high standard of ethics, creating respect and confidence between the citizenry of the Greater Kansas City area and the members of the Club.

We maintain and environment designed to foster and perpetuate loyalty and a true spirit of cooperation and camaraderie between and among Club members, and to render such other aid and assistance to its members as might be appropriate from time to time.

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Types of Events

Weekly Breakfast

Weekly breakfast and fellowship 3 Tuesdays of each month.

Golf Events

Get a hole in one!

Mansion Parties

High end club events.

Additional Benefits

This club was started under the premise of Business Reciprocity and Meaningful Fellowship.

As a member you have 135+ other members that can become your clients plus the fellowship of each member which is on display at all of our meetings and functions.

  • Make money and have fun!
  • Learn about other members business!
  • Play golf, poker, gin rummy, skeet shooting, boating and enjoy each others company!
  • Opportunities to discuss your business to members at breakfast presentations!
  • Network with other members and share business practices and opportunities!
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